K’ai Pacha - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

K’ai Pacha

Character Details

  • Faction: Xylona's Flock
  • Race: Jaguallian
  • Role: Thief

Toy Details

  • Released In: Ashes of Agendor
  • Accessories: 4 daggers, 2 short swords, ring of keys, pouches
  • Additional Heads: Yes - 3 heads total, Jaguallian, Orc, and Shadow Elf


A Jaguallian thief who has had more than one stay in the cells of Castle Silverhorn, K’ai Pacha proved to be an unlikely hero in the Second Great War. Part of a team that ventured into the colds of the White Spine to rescue Queen Artemyss Silverchord, the entire party was captured by a band of Frost Ogres. The Jaguallian was the only one to escape, and he was forced to continue on alone towards his most daring heist ever - sneaking past the defenses of the Bloodless Throne and making off with the Queen of Xylernia. Leaving Artemyss in the care of the Whisperlings, K’ai Pacha returned to the White Spine. If his team was still alive, he was determined to free them.

All photos by Trevor Williams