Gawrychh the Unpredictable - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Gawrychh the Unpredictable

Character Details

  • Faction: Convocation of Bassylia
  • Race: Half-orc
  • Role: Blademaster

Toy Details

  • Released In: This figure was part of the "Legend of Gasspparr the Unamused and Gawrychh the Unpredictable" 2-pack for LegionsCon 2024. A standard edition will be sold in 2025.
  • Accessories: 2 swords and scabbards, bladed spear, extra hands
  • Additional Heads: 3 heads total - half-orc head, Jaguallian head (and tail), helmeted head. The LegionsCon 2-pack edition also came with an exclusive repaint of the Attlus barbarian head


Gawrychh the Unpredictable is not only an expert with the blades he carries, but also with a mystical practice of disguise and illusion known as the D13. The disguises which this half-orc warrior has mastered are often used to amuse others. These elaborate costumes also allow the blademaster to pass unnoticed so he may carry out his capers. Gawrychh is a consummate trickster, yet those who underestimate him do so at their own peril, for he knows when it is time to put the jokes aside and when he must get down to business.

Note: Released as part of a special 2-pack set at LegionsCon 2024, the "Legend of Gasspparr the Unamused and Gawrychh the Unpredictable" are loosely based on the studio's own George Gaspar and Chris Gawrych.

All photos by Trevor Williams