Azza Spiritbender 2 - Mythic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Azza Spiritbender 2

Character Details

  • Faction: Convocation of Bassylia
  • Race: Shaeyde
  • Role: Necromancer

Toy Details

  • Released In: Ashes of Agendor
  • Accessories: Spellbook on chain, kopesh sword, dagger and sheath, magic staff, 3 spell effects
  • Additional Heads: Yes - hooded head and unhoodhead head


One of the oldest living warriors in Mythoss, Azza Spiritbender’s true nature was revealed during Poxxus’ attack on the Tower of Bassylia. As the nightmares poured forth from the Nethergate, they recognized a Shaeyde necromancer amongst their hated enemies, for Azza was actually one of the beings summoned to Mythoss by Poxxus during the First Age of the Realm.

Azza somehow escaped the banishment spells that doomed Poxxus and his army in the First Great War. Finding herself orphaned in Mythoss, she presented herself to the original head of the Convocation and asked for help breaking free from the influence of Poxxus. Complex spells of banishment were tattooed onto Azza’s skin, allowing her to gain her freedom from the diseased member of the Dark Four. From that day forward, Azza Spiritbender swore her loyalty to the Convocation of Bassylia.

Confronted by the otherworldly horrors of her past life as they attacked Ophidionn, Azza stood firm and fought to protect Mythoss. As the Tower fell and the great Library of Agbendor burned, Azza called upon the spirits of the many witches and wizards who had once roamed those halls of learning, but had since passed on. Asking them to defend Ophidionn one more time, the ghosts of these magically powerful beings rose against Poxxus’ army, chasing them away and preventing the complete destruction of the Convocation of Bassylia.

(NOTE: This extended bio is presented on the website only. The packaging for this figure will include a condensed version of this text)

All photos by Trevor Williams