Wooden Shield - Mythic Legions weapon from Four Horsemen Studios

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Wooden Shield

This weapon was first available during the first wave, where it appeared in the "Weapons Pack 1" set. It came with a "c-clip" handle, as did all shield in the early waves of Mythic Legions. Later versions of this shield (after Advent of Decay) came with a handle that can be held in a figure's hand. 

This weapon has been repainted and included with:

  • Adamonn
  • Coliseum Orc
  • Cowaross
  • Deluxe Dwarf LB
  • Deluxe Female Orc Builder
  • Freyja of Deadhall
  • Hagnon
  • Illgar
  • Myria Goldenbranch
  • Shadow Elf
  • Silverhorn Sentry
  • Torgun Redfin

Mythic Legions Wooden Shield weapon