Sword Horsemen - Mythic Legions weapon from Four Horsemen Studios

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Sword Horsemen

This weapon, which bears the logo of Four Horsemen Studios was fiirst available as a free giveaway to everyone who back the "Advent of Decay" Kickstarter campaign. It was also available in a different color scheme with the Thistlethorn figure from that same wave. The design of this sword was originally created by Mythic Legions fan, Eric "Zombie13" Borries, on the old SourceHorsemen.com forum.

Note - there was also an 'error' version of this sword created. The factory made a mistake during a production run and instead of painting these with the awsome metallic color, they opted for a flat, brick-like red. Dubbed the 'Sword Horse-meh', this version was given out free to fans at the Zolocon 2020 show in PA.

Yet another release of this weapon was in the 20th Anniversary Equaddron figure.

Mythic Legions Sword Horsemen weapon