Shield - Mythic Legions weapon from Four Horsemen Studios

The Armory


This basic weapon has been included with many figures starting in the very first wave. It was in both the "good" and "evil" weapons pack, as well as the following figures:

This weapon has been repainted, often with a faction symbol added to the front, and included with:

  • Asterionn
  • Attila Leossyr
  • Barbarian Builder set
  • Baron Volligar
  • Bronze Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Dark Templar LB
  • "Early Bird" Soul Spiller wave surprise set
  • Gold Knight Legion Builder
  • Gorgo Aetherblade
  • Gweddolyn Heavensbrand
  • Iron Knight Legion Builder
  • Knight Builder 1
  • Knight Builder 2
  • Scaphoid
  • Silver Knight Legion Builder
  • Sir Galeron
  • Sir Gideon Heavensbrand
  • Sir Girard
  • Sir Godfrey
  • Sir Ignatius
  • Sir Owain
  • Sir Valgard
  • Skapular the Cryptbreaker
  • Steel Knight Legion Builder
  • Templar Knight Legion Builder
  • Urzokk
  • Vitus

Mythic Legions Shield weapon