Quiver - Mythic Legions weapon from Four Horsemen Studios

The Armory


This weapon was first available during the Advent of Decay wave, where it appeared in various weaopons packs and with a number of figures.

This weapon has been repainted and included with:

  • Arteymss Silverchord
  • Arteymss Silverchord 2
  • Aphareus
  • Delphina of Eathyross
  • Deluxe Female Elf Builder
  • Deluxe Female Orc Builder
  • Deluxe Male Elf Builder
  • Deluxe Skeleton LB
  • Elf Legion Builder
  • Elf Ranger
  • Elf Weapons Pack
  • Helpyre Goblin
  • Ravaena
  • Shadow Elf Ranger
  • Thallyn Frostbow
  • Thwikk
  • Vallak
  • Vampire Weapons Pack
  • Xylernian Guard
  • Xylona

Mythic Legions Quiver weapon