Vellok Speer - Cosmic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Vellok Speer

Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use: Vellok
  • Name - Full: Vellok Speer
  • Race: Tuvan/Tuvanoid
  • Affiliation: OxKrewe, AEXOR3
  • Planet of Origin: Kherrius

Toy Details

  • Released In: OxKrewe - Book One, Thraxxon
  • Accessories: Reclamation saw, flashlight, pistol, 1 tube, 2 sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: Yes - fully unhelmeted, plus a partially covered head with 2 faces plates (Vellok's face and shield options)

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:

Vellok Speer’s official AEXOR3 designation is the pilot of the reclamation vessel known as the Qorgonox. However, to those who travel aboard that ship as part of the “OxKrewe”, Vellok is their unofficial leader and nothing less than a father figure to this unconventional family.

Vellok is the first to awaken after the Qorgonox crashes on an unknown planet. Devastated by the loss of so many members of his adopted family amongst the OxKrewe, he knows that the time for mourning them will have to wait. His first priority must be to those who have survived the crash. Gathering whatever pieces of the wreckage that they can salvage and erecting a makeshift camp inside one of the ship’s damaged transport containers, Vellok vows that he will find a way to protect the members of the crew that remain under his care.

All photos by Trevor Williams