Uularia Speer - Cosmic Legions action figure from Four Horsemen Studios

Uularia Speer

Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use: Uularia
  • Name - Full: Uularia Speer
  • Race: Tuvan/Tuvanoid
  • Affiliation: OxKrewe, AEXOR3
  • Planet of Origin: Kherrius

Toy Details

  • Released In: OxKrewe - Book One, Thraxxon
  • Accessories: Hand-held reclamation saw, flashlight, pistol, 1 tube, extra sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: Yes - fully unhelmeted, plus a partially covered head with 2 faces plates (Uularia's face and tech shield options)

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:

Uularia and her husband, Vellok, have worked for the AEXOR3 corporation as reclamation specialists for many cycles. As the navigator of the Qorgonox, Uularia’s job is to chart safe passage for the “OxKrewe” to wherever their assignments may take them. She takes this role incredibly seriously, for those crew members who travel alongside her are more than just her co-workers, they are her chosen family and she is the protective mother whose job it is to keep them on the right path.

Stranded on a strange planet with limited equipment and fewer resources, Uularia cobbles together broken pieces of navigation tech, eventually discovering that they are on a planet called Thraxxon, deep within the Fourth Ring of Cosmerrium. While her husband is keenly focused on the challenges in front of them, Uularia struggles to come to terms with their situation, feeling somehow that she may be responsible for their ship going off course and her family suffering for that mistake.

All photos by Trevor Williams