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What is a “Mythic Legions All-Star”?

With the recent announcement that voting is now open for which characters will make it into Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4, we expect that some newer fans of the line may be wondering, “what exactly is a Mythic Legions All-Star?” Let’s take a look at the history of this voting process, and why these rereleases have become such an important part of collecting Mythic Legions figures.

The Beginnings of Mythic Legions

With every wave that is offered, the fanbase for Mythic Legions grows. The word of mouth that our fans spread on these toys and the incredible community that has formed around them has gotten more and more people into Mythic Legions – and we all know what happens when you order a few Legions figure “just to see what the fuss is all about.” That is almost always a surefire recipe for someone who quickly decides they need to “collect them all”! That, of course, is not always easy – but we will get to that shortly.

When Mythic Legions was first introduced in a Kickstarter campaign in 2015, it was an incredible success for our studio, but the reality is that the community of fans backing the line back then was MUCH smaller than it is today. Only 1166 people backed that first campaign. By comparison, by the time we did our second Mythic Kickstarter just a few years later, the number of backers grew by over 60%, a testament to how the line was catching on with fans!

The nominalnumber of backers for what became known as Mythic Legions 1.0 equated to much smaller production runs on those figures than our more recent waves have seen. This meant that there were fewer figures available for trade or sale once fans had them in hand – and what we discovered was that once fans did have them in hand, they wanted more!

As soon as Mythic Legions 1.0 shipped, we heard the calls from fans to reissue some of these toys as a second run. There were two distinct reasons fans wanted another shot at these toys. In some cases, some of the most popular figures from that wave (like the Barbarian Builder or Asterionn the minotaur) were ones that fans just wanted extras of for customizing or display purposes. In other cases, fans wanted a shot at less popular characters that they had skipped in the initial sales and now regretted passing up. Sir Ignatius and Orn Steelhide where two characters who were ordered in fairly small numbers in that first round of figures, but once fans saw pictures of them from other collectors who had them in hand, and they realized how wonderful their armor colors were, they wanted one of their own. Of course, as we just stated, there were very few of these to go around, and we saw aftermarket prices begin to skyrocket on some of those early figures. This is when we sat down and discussed the idea of what we called an “All-Star” wave.

The First All Stars

The first Mythic Legions series was by far the most ambitious toy line we had ever created as in in-house property. The number of unique parts and characters dwarfed anything we had done up to that point. While some fans asked for us to reissue the entire 1.0 series, we knew that to get these out in a timely fashion, it made more sense to do a subset of figures who we saw people clamoring for. This is how the first All-Stars wave was born.

For this first wave, we included some of those popular characters who fans wanted more of (Barbarian, Asterionn, Sir Gideon, Skapular), along with some of the lesser produced characters who were simply so scarce that there were none even on the secondary market (Sir Ignatius, Orn Steelhide). These figures were offered for sale in June of 2016, only a short time after the shipments of Mythic Legions 1.0 landed in fans’ hands.

All Stars 1 from Four Horsemen Studios

Having a second chance at previously released characters, some of which had been commanding $200 - $300 on the secondary market, was a welcome surprise for Mythic fans, allowing them to fill some gaps in their collections or grab extras of figures for the customizing hobby which had really started to take off around this line. It was also a wonderful way for new fans to jump on board and pick up some of the most popular characters we had created. Still, as much of a success as All-Stars 1 was, we had bigger plans for the next installment of this series.

The Fans Get a Choice for All Stars 2

With the first All-Stars wave, the studio selected the lineup. As we were preparing for our second All-Stars series, we decided to let the fans have a say in what would be offered!

Four Horsemen Studios has always had a history of letting fans help us shape the toys we release. From the earliest days of our FANtastic Exclusive voting to the fan-voted characters of Vorgus and Raveana from our Kickstarter campaigns, we love getting our fans involved! Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2 was a perfect opportunity for us to do this again.

In late 2017, we kicked off the voting process for what would be Mythic Legions: All-Stars 2. We gave fans the chance to select from ANY figure we had released to date!. This meant that the 1.0 series, the 1.5 wave, and Covenant of Shadow were all available to choose from. Yes, as crazy as it may seem now - Gorgo, Urzokk, Otho, Thord, and more were ALL available as choices in that voting process but NONE of them made it to the top of the polls!

The voting process for this series got pretty intense and hilarious. All-Stars 2 was where we first began seeing the use of “propaganda” posters to help make the case for certain characters to be selected. The campaign to get the Silver Dwarf Legion Builder included was particularly noteworthy and fun!

Despite some claims that the evil forces of Mythoss were afoot during this voting process, in the end we believed that the right characters won. We got a nice mix of major characters like Attila Leossyr and Attlus the Conqueror along with a rerelease of the fan-created character of Vorgus Vermillius the Blood Armor. This wave also saw the first 1.5 series figure reissued in the form of Pixxus. To round out this series, which also included Carpathias, Jorund Runeshaper, and the Bog Goblin, we also added in a trio of Legion Builders (Templar, Skeleton, and the much-campaigned for Silver Dwarf). We also did something unexpected with this series – adding two new figures into the mix! These included a new version of Eagalus, and the first-ever Mythic Legions figure featuring a fan’s likeness, Deltigar the Destroyer. This idea of adding “new” releases alongside the fan-voted All-Stars was something we would do again in the next All Stars series.

All Stars 2 from Four Horsemen Studios

Third Times a Charm with All Stars 3

As the community of fans collecting Mythic Legions continued to grow, the chance to get older figures at original retail prices through an All-Stars wave became an incredibly welcome option for Legions collectors. We cannot think of any other lines which regularly reissue previously sold-out figures, and who give the fans a direct voice in which of those toys will be offered. It has always been important to us to take care of our fans, and by continuing to offer All Stars waves, we hope fans new and old can enjoy another shot at some sold out characters! In January of 2020, we opened the polls once again for the All-Stars 3 voting, this time with a few changes.

For All-Stars 3, the studio selected a specific number of characters which would be part of the vote. Fans were able to choose their top 4 picks, with the winners becoming that year’s All-Stars. Once the available choices were shown, the fans immediately began to wonder – “Where is Gorgo?”, and “I don’t see Otho!”.

The choices presented for All-Stars 3 were deliberate, including the absence of some of those “heavy hitter” characters. As we’ve said in the past – we have plans for Gorgo, Urzokk, Otho and others, so even though they may not be an All-Star option, we promise that you will see them again at some point!

When the dust settled on the battle for All-Stars 3, the fan-voted selections were Torrion the Shadow Minotaur, Zazhar the blue-skinned demon, Malleus the child of Necromoninus (and favorite figure of Cabal-founder Walter Hagen), and finally the vampire lord Baron Volligar. These ended up being a mix of 2 figures from our first series and 2 figures from the Covenant of Shadow wave.

When the final lineup for All-Stars 3 was eventually announced, joining the four winners were that year’s two Powercon debut figures – Lord Draguul and Dorina Onoris, as well as the first ever Troll All Star – the Stone Troll 2. This troll not only came with the original Stone Troll head, but the figure was also adjusted to allow for swappable troll heads, and he came with a repainted version of the noggin’ that originally was found on the Forest Troll figure.

All Stars 3 from Four Horsemen Studios

Four for 4

In February 2021, the voting process for Mythic Legions: All-Stars 4 kicked off, with fans allowed to select up to 6 mighty warriors to be named an All-Star. When the dust settled, the top 4 vote getters where named a Mythic Legions: All-Star, including Vitus the Mercurian Warrior, Tibius the skeleton swordman, the heroic Sir Owain, and the green-boned poision skeleton known as Scaphoid. 

Like inAll-Stars 3, these 4 fan-voted winners were joined by a pair of Powercon Debuit figures, namely the emerald enigma of the swamps of Mythoss - Bryophytus, and the disgusting denizen of dark woodlands of Mythoss - Mephitor! Rounding out the wave was another Troll, the massive monstrosity from within Mythoss's forests - Forest Troll 2!!

All Stars 4  from Four Horsemen Studios

Published on 02.23.21

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